Kaleerein Drama Story

Kaleerein is an Indian television collection, which premiered on five February 2018 on Zee television.The show stars Arjit Taneja and Aditi Sharma in the lead roles.[2] This show produced by using Nikhil Sinha and Sohanna Sinha
Meera Dhingra (Aditi Sharma) is a unfastened-spirited, independent female who does not need to be nicely-groomed for her future husband. She believes that a woman loses her herbal tendencies after enrolling in a grooming faculty. Her mother (Jaswinder Gardner) constantly pressurises her to marry and to shape herself into a perfect, upper-class wife; to fulfil her desperate choice to see her daughter get married after regular notion rejections. She believes that Meera can most effective be socially applicable via converting herself with the aid of going to Soni Kudi Academy. but, Meera is strongly in opposition to the idea and believes that she have to only marry a person who loves her the way she is.

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Amid all of the consistent search for an excellent guy for Meera, she coincidentally meets Vivaan Kapoor (Arjit Taneja) whilst she goes to meet her youth buddy for a wedding proposal. Vivaan is a rich, enterprise wealthy person and a NRI from London who seems to be none other than her Landlord. His arrogant, egoistic and doubtful behaviour clashes with Meera’s bubbly personality. This reasons the pair to argue from time to time like a married couple.

to start with, he came lower back to India for the sake of his sister, Amaya Kapoor, (Nisha Neha Nayak) on the lookout for his lengthy-lost mother who left him as a infant. despite the fact that he has hatred for his biological mom; he secretly yearns to meet his mom.

Vivaan believes if he ever chooses to marry, he desires to perfect his life accomplice while, Meera believes that she wants her life associate to like and recognize her imperfections.

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